Community Involvement

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Students gather around a table, drawing with pencils and protractors

Since our founding more than 100 years ago, the Toledo Museum of Art’s mission has been to integrate art into the lives of people.  Our founders, the Libbeys, wanted a place where workers in their factory and their families could come and enjoy art.

The Museum has never had an admission fee, opening its doors to the public thanks to the generosity of donors and members.  The Museum receives no direct taxpayer support and has relied on members of the community to grow the organization into what it is today.

For years, the Museum offered free Saturday art classes for children.  Today the Family Center is open four days a week, offering art-based activities free of charge.  While there is a charge for most of today’s formal classes, the Museum has an active scholarship program to support students who would not have the access or means to pursue art classes.  In addition, through our ArtReach program, the Museum brings art to the community through partnerships with organizations serving disadvantaged youth such as Adelante, the Ella P. Stewart Academy and the Sofia Quintero Community Center, to name just a few.

Nearly 25,000 school children per year tour the Museum as part of our docent-led, curriculum-based school tour program.  Those students don’t just learn about art, they learn about science, social studies, world history, culture and much more.  Medical students come to learn how to improve their observation skills, and adults with early-stage memory loss come with their caregivers to help maintain their diminishing skills.

The Museum is the cornerstone of art and culture in our community.  We helped put together a coalition of arts organizations that meets regularly to discuss issues of common interest and host Arts Gone Wild, a community celebration of the arts each summer.

To support the Museum’s community-based arts programming, consider becoming a member or making a charitable donation.  Both are fully tax deductible and greatly appreciated.