Board of Directors

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2017 Toledo Museum of Art Board of Directors. Pictured: front row, left to right: Amir Khan, Sara Jane DeHoff, Mike Hylant, George Jones, Pat Timmerman, and Michele Alexander; middle row, left to right: Betsy Brady, Stephen D. Taylor, Harley Kripke, Mary Ellen Pisanelli, Jim Hoffman, Judith Herb, and Denny Johnson; back row, left to right: Billie Johnson, Deke Welles, John Szuch, Brian Kennedy, Cynthia Thompson, Mike Anderson, Scott Trumbull, Susan Palmer, and Joe Napoli. Not pictured: Randy Oostra, George Chapman, Mike Thaman, and Allan Block

2018 Board Officers

Cynthia B. Thompson., Chair of the Board
George L. Chapman, Vice Chair
Sara Jane DeHoff, Vice Chair
Randy Oostra, Vice Chair
Dennis G. Johnson, Secretary
John S. Szuch, Treasurer
Brian P. Kennedy, Edward Drummond and Florence Scott Libbey President, Director and CEO
Adam Levine, Deputy Director and Assistant Treasurer
Lynn Miller, Associate Director and Assistant Secretary

Board of Directors

Allan Block Elizabeth Brady George L Chapman Sara Jane DeHoff
Allan Block Elizabeth Brady George L. Chapman Sara Jane DeHoff
judith_herb Jim Hoffman mike_hylant Billie Johnson
Judith Herb James A. Hoffman Mike Hylant Billie Johnson
Dennis Johnson Harley J Kripke Randy Oostra susan_palmer
Dennis G. Johnson Harley J. Kripke Randy Oostra Susan Palmer
Mary Ellen Pisanelli John Szuch  Stephen D Taylor Mike Thaman
Mary Ellen Pisanelli John S. Szuch Stephen D. Taylor Mike Thaman
Cynthia Thompson Scott Trumbull David Welles
Cynthia B. Thompson Scott Trumbull David K. Welles, Jr.
Not pictured: Michael J. Anderson, Jan Gagnet (Docent president), George M. Jones III, Colleen McGoldrick (Ambassador president), and Joe Napoli.

Honorary Directors

Darryl F. Allen Helen McMaster
Judge Vernelis K. Armstrong Susan Morgan
Don Bacigalupi Susan R. Reams
Molly P. Chiles Richard Reynolds
Thomas B. Donnell Dorothy Saxe
Helen H. Emmert Duane Stranahan, Jr.
Barbara Kaplin Edward F. Weber
Robert J. Lanigan Georgia Welles
Sandra L. Wiseley
Frederic Wolfe

Director/CEO Emeriti

Emeritus Director

Roger M. Berkowitz Richard P. Anderson
Roger Mandle
David W. Steadman

Museum Directors

2010–present Brian P. Kennedy
2004–2009 Don Bacigalupi
1999–2004 Roger M. Berkowitz
1989–1999 David W. Steadman
1977–1988 Roger Mandle
1959–1976 Otto Wittmann
1926–1959 Blake-More Godwin
1903–1926 George W. Stevens
1901–1903 Almon C. Whiting